Relax & Renew

This program is designed for people in need of the time and place to step back from their life and recover balance, relax, renew their energy and replenish their spirit. Experience a range of therapies drawn from diverse healing traditions and a variety of holistic activities to de-stress, replenish depleted energy levels and boost the immune system.

The programme is suitable for anyone seeking support for life challaneging situations of any kinf, as well as for targeting behaviours such as emotionally-driven addictive habitsm relationship issues, work related difficultirs, anxiety and depression.

Optional complementary and alternative medicine treatments and private sessions may be recommended, dependent upon your individual needs. The least intensive of all our programs, Relax and Renew is ideal for people looking for a gentle, relaxing wellness experience or a secondary care treatment.

Balance & Revitalise

This programme is designed to counteract the stresses of contemporary lifestyles and prevent adrenal burnout. It also addresses to our clients wishing to recover from depression, anxiety or OCD conditions.  The programme focuses on exploring one's inner life and emotional disposition.

The Balance & Revitalise programme is a powerful introduction to holistic healing realms designed to promote bliss, joy and vitality. This is an ideal program to enrich your emotional wellbeing and life fullfilment.

As well as helping to relieve stress the programme also introduces you to vital energy practices that can support a more balanced approach to life.


In addition to the standard therapies, further treatment from both Eastern and Western medical traditions are combined to enhance wellbeing at all levels.

Comprehensive Transformational Change

The intensive Comprehensive Transformational Change programme was created for those already suffering the effects of burnout or struggling with more complex mental health or addiction issues.


Deeply restorative and healing, this programme deals holistically with the symptoms and underlying causes of your condition, and addresses recovery by synchronizing the 4 elements of your core-self: mind self, emotional self, health self and soul self. It also prepares you to make the best of future challenges and opportunities by helping you to maintain your balance during stress and change.


Syngergistically combining modern psychotherapy and restorative asian therapies with personal consultations in Naturopathic Lifestyle, Nutrition and Stress management, the programme also includes nutritional  and herbal supplements and remedies to support your recovery.

This programme offers a complete experience of self-discovery and growth both during the immersion in the programme as well as  a continuation with tools to take back home.