Take a peak at your journey with us

Making the decision to change your life

Making that first step of asking for help and then accepting it, is one of the hardest parts of the recovery process. If you’re reading our website for the twentieth time, but you haven’t yet made contact, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The first phone call

You will speak to a professional member of our dedicated team who won't judge. He or she will listen carefully and you will have a confidential discussion about your challange and how we can help you with it. 

Full treatment  assessment

One of the most important  steps of your journey! A  full anf frank discussion in complete confidentiality with one of our clinical specialists  designed to develop a treatment programme that will mee your specific  needs  within your chosen time frame.

Choosing the best treatment for you

At this step you choose one of our three packages: Relax & Renew, Balance & Revitalise or Comprehensive Transformational Change.  Or you can build a completely bespoke treatment programme.

Arriving  into treatment

You are one flight away ! All you have to do now is book a flight (or ask as to do it for you) to Larnaca in the very sunny Cyprus. We will great you at the airport and accompany you to one of our luxury apartments, offering you a full induction tour.

Time for your transformative experience

Time to engage in a varied daily schedule fited to the treatment package you chose before coming in.  Your individual treatment plan will constant of a range of core and complementary therapies to help you achieve your goal.

What next?

Now  is time for you  to put in practice all th e changes that you have achieved! Remember that the journey  does not have to end  and you can choose one of our online aftercare packages.