What are we all about?

Our Executive Recovery Programme is an empowering and life enhancing experience brought to you by a team with extensive experience in creating, delivering and maintaining well-being strategies.


We create a bespoke recovery programme for key and influential, high performing individuals who require private, customised and discreet solutions.


We are offering an initial free and totally confidential consultation. From this we identify an individual plan meant to synchronize the 4 elements of your core-self: mind self, emotional self, health self and soul self.

What can you expect from your journey?

If you choose to embark on this extraordinary journey towards the centre of your soul we will welcome you to our exquisite location in Cyprus, just on the main beach of the sunny Larnaca. You will find here a place where excellence, professionalism and privacy all come together to guarantee the top standards of care and comfort. 


You will experience a variety of holistic exercixes, therapies and coaching sessions that will help you realx and recharge and find discover the self-awareness and energy you need to face life's challanges.


You can rest assured that you will never be left alone with your problems, both on- and off-site, as provided by our team of esteemed specialists, and our unique continuing care programme for the time when your stay with us itself is finished.

Why do we believe you will fall inlove with this experience?

Because you will rediscover yourself and your inner strength and passion. You will rediscover your joy for life.  You will develop the strategies and tools to help you overcome any emotional or mental health issues you struggle with and breakthrough into a more healthier, fulfiling and purposeful life.


This experience will represent a transformation for both your personal and professional life, revealing your unlimited ability to grow. It will support you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Between who you are and who you want to be. And above all it is a fun and unforgettable experience!